Book Structure Open Field Tackle. Leadership tips from the game for Career & Life

Organizational structure of football teams and corporations

This section provides some basic organizational structure of a football team and a corporation, with a general overview of reporting structure and personnel to allow you to compare and contrast them.

Players and Coaches Stories

This section will walk through a set of famous NFL personalities, give a few tidbits about their lives, and map it to a set of life lessons that are applicable at a broader perspective. It will provide some facts about the person, but the takeaway is the individual’s achievements, their motivations and hopefully that motivates you as well. I believe that no individual can be classified in any extreme (good or bad) and the truth is somewhere in-between – when given the right opportunity with the appropriate guidance, the person can excel.

Team Dynamics & Composition

Many things in life are a team effort and success depends on the team dynamics. This section compares teams in sports and teams in life. Teams are composed of individuals like you and I; here you will find some sections that talk about people, diversity and how people are the critical execution components

Mental frame & Viewing lens

Before figuring out next steps, it is key to step back and call out the various questions one might have – introspection time. Who are you as a person and what attributes must you project? Why does it seem like things are not falling in line – is it because of you as a person or the operating environment? How can one go about finding their passion and then stoking it to achieve more?

Chalking the path

It is now time to figure out the path forward – analyzing the issues and moving forward. We also live in a time where there is information overload, and far more busy times. One has to step back, understand that the fix is in the mirror, take ownership of our situation and figure out a way to move forward.

"It’s only when you personalize the cliché quotes during learning moments, applying them to your situation, the depth of their meaning and the enduring impact can be realized."