About the Author

About the Author, Rama Ramani

I have been working in software (IT) for almost 2 decades now and currently working in cloud technologies. I wrote my first book in 1999 “America Ahoy” which was a GRE preparation guide and captured collective experiences of coming to the US – we sold over 1000 copies of the book priced at Rs.20 (about $0.30). It was a fun experience borrowing money from my dad, reaching out to my friend’s uncle to print the book and then sell it via my friends across a set of colleges in my hometown. My second book happened when an industry well-known author and now close friend Richard Seroter offered an opportunity as a contributing author for “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft platform” a technology book in 2010.

The core topic of this book has been in the works for a few years – as some write-ups sitting in my cloud storage account, some audio recordings while walking my dog and discussions with friends. There are several reasons for the genesis of this book - following the Seattle Seahawks as a die-hard #12, passionate debates & discussions with some of my close buddies on Facebook and importantly the life lessons it can offer. I would like to remember it as my mother’s birthday weekend – Jan 12th, 2013 when the idea about the book started.

I came to the US in 1999, fell in love with the game, the strategies, the turmoil and most of all the stories – the determination, passion and fight against adversity. It has made me a better person, strong-willed and most importantly taught me to have fun! The content in this book is based on my assimilation & learnings.

This book is dedicated to my House of Hawks – My Parents Ramani & Yamuna, my brother Srinath (Ram), my wife Subha, my kids Shreyas, Shrishti, Shrivats and my dog Storm. I owe some special thanks to my father-in-law Mr. Venkataraman who assisted with the transcribing. And for the rest of our extended family members (Mr. Krishnan, Mrs. Usha Krishnan, Ravi, Vijay, Anu, Vani Aiyer) and close friends – thanks for your motivational tips to keep me going and wrapping this deliverable.

In some ways completing this book is an “open field tackle” for me, not being deterred thinking about the outcome and focusing on completing it. I do hope you find this an interesting read; please do share your feedback on our website www.openfieldtackle.com.

"It’s only when you personalize the cliché quotes during learning moments, applying them to your situation, the depth of their meaning and the enduring impact can be realized."